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While traveling in British Columbia, Canada I got fascinated by First Nation art and myths. It is said that a white raven stole the sun, moon and the stars which were hidden for the humans. The world was utter darkness. The raven is the great trickster and the shape shifter. Doing only as he pleases. He wanted the light so he stole it, just because he could. He placed it for us humans in the sky, so we could enjoy it as well. His act made the world as we know it today. In the First Nation arts tradition the raven is often depicted with the sun in his beak.


In the same myths the owl is the great foreseer and guardian of secrets. These stories got me wondering if these myths were to be the exact accounts of how the world came to be, where was the owl when the raven stole the light? Wouldn't he have foreseen the consequences of sharing the light with us humans? Wouldn't he have known how we would shape this planet and what we would do to nature? How we would cut down trees and exploit all the natural resources. How the white people would come over and try to destroy the first peoples culture? Would the owl try to stop the raven?


This drawing shows the owl being there at the moment the raven is in flight with the stolen light. In my opinion the owl would try to stop the raven with his mighty claws. Making this drawing by hand took me about 80 hours and was a great way to remember a very inspiring journey though one of the most beautiful places I have been so fortunate to see. The estimated number of dots put on paper are about a million.


This drawing is completely done by hand.

Technique: Sharpie dot work

Size: 50x50 centimeter



Project: The Specialists (ongoing)

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