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Photography & Illustration

A taonga in Māori culture is a treasured thing, whether tangible or intangible. Tangible examples are all sorts of heirlooms and artefacts like jewellery, land, natural resources such as geothermal springs, sacred rivers, fisheries and places associated with myths. Intangible examples may include language, stories, myths and spiritual beliefs. Toanga is a thing of great value, which ascends material value.


After my journey through New Zealand (Aoteoroa) I decided to completely dedicate this project to Māori myths, nature, mythical animals, gods and taongas. I've been making depictions of the great Māori gods. Not in a physical form, but in the shape of a taonga associated with the realm they reside in.


All of the drawings are completely done by hand.

Technique: Ink on paper

reproduced in a numbered series of 5

Size: 60x90 centimetre


Project: Taonga

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. Tūmatauenga - Kotiate

. Tane Mahuta - Koru

. Papatūānuku & Ranginui - Pikorua

. Tangaroa - Hei Matau

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