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This project started off with a short story. In July 2015 I came across a film projector in the attic in my parents home. Next to the projector were a lot of films from when I was just a toddler. I was exited to watch the old 8mm film. I wasn’t half through the first film when suddenly the projection became brighter and brighter, ultimately going completely black. Of course the lamp in the projector hasn’t been used in all these years in the attic, so it just burned out.


I was faced with a problem because I haven’t seen a lamp like this ever in my life. I had no idea how to find a new one. I searched the internet but came up with no results. Even the large electronics chains couldn’t help me. The people that worked there didn’t seem to be interested in my questions at all. I asked around and I was advised to go to the electronics shop Radio Heutink (photo number 4). Everyone knows this shop, because it has always been there. Even I knew about this shop, but it just didn’t seem to pop into my head to go there in the first place.


When I went into the shop, I was overwhelmed with all the little shelfs, trays, grip seals and small cardboard boxes. When I asked for the same type of lamp, Mr. Heutink walked to a shelf in the back of the shop. Without any hesitation he opened a small tray and picked out the exact same lamp which I couldn't find anywhere else. I was absolute amazed when I had the brand new lamp in my hand. The first thing I thought was: was he expecting me? How could somebody know so accurately where to look for such a specific item?



I asked if could come back and take a photo of him. His shop and his personality gave me an impression of absolute sincerity. When I was taking his picture, he started to tell me how old his shop is and how his father started it all from the scullery in the house he grew up in. He had such a detailed history to tell me, accompanied with photos and other documents. It became obvious to me that his shop is so much more than just a place where he makes his living, it's part of his identity.


I wanted to find more of these kinds of people in my hometown and neighbouring cities and villages. I want to find these specialists who stay true to their (work)shop, (family) tradition, knowledge, craftsmanship and genuine love for the thing that they do. The specialists that don’t try to be like megalomaniac electronic chains, discount stores, web shops, lounge bars, Swedish furniture stores and countless department stores which are filled with products of inferior quality.


I officially started to work on this project in august 2015 and I want to find as much specialists as possible. I hope to gather a sort of collection which documents these specialists. Because sadly these people and (work)shops are becoming sparse. In most cases sons and daughters are not taking over these (work)shops. I feel like I need to document these characteristic people and their shops.



Project: The Specialists (ongoing)

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1. Second hand cameras – Enschede

2. Harley Davidson workshop – Twinservice -  Enschede

3.  Fotoprintshop - De Heurne - Enschede

4.  Electronics shop - Radio Heutink – Enschede

5.  Recordstore - Popeye  – Hengelo

6.  Tabacco shop - De oude markt - Enschede

7. Kaj’s Guitarstore -  Enschede

8. Classic car restores -  Hans Hulsschreuder -  Enschede

9.  Parts shop - Wijdo - Hengelo

10.  Furniture maker - Tibor van Lange -  Enschede

11.  Cafe - Het Bolwerk – Enschede

12.  Art frame shop - de Lijstenmakerij Govaarts & Homan – Enschede

13.  Exclusive Paper warehouse - De Papiertoko – Enschede

14.  Autoservice Herman -  Enschede

15. Ironmonger – Boensma – Enschede

16. Leaded glass workshop – Diana – Enschede

17. Clothing repair workshop – De Zilveren naald – Enschede

18. Antique clock specialist- Willem Klaaskate- Hengelo

19. Rock Bar - The Rocks - Enschede

20. Sewing machine mechanic- Teun Lassche - Enschede

21. Bike mechanic - Timmerman Fietsen- Enschede

22. Upholster - Herman Joosten - Enschede

23. Instrument shop- Weersel & Zn - Enschede

24. Graphic workshop - De Akker - Hengelo

25. Aria car battery specialists - Hengelo

26. Adema & Zn locksmiths - Enschede

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